South Cumbria Music Festival ~ April 2017


We recited our poems in front of an audience as part of the South Cumbria Music Festival and came away with three places! Evie won third place in her class, Jenna won third place in her class and Dara was awarded second place in her class! Well done to all our competitors: 

Year 2: Deaton and Evie

Year 3: Izzabella, Kenzie and Holly

Year 4: Jenna and Mia

Year 5: Dara and Elliott

Year 6: Antonio, Ryan and Saskia






World Book Day 2017

Well ... World Book Day 2017 was incredibly awesome!We started the day off by coming together into the hall and watching the 'sorting hat' clip from one of the films before Professor Umbridge announced she was taking over Hogwarts. She told us we had to be on our best behaviour throughout the day as she would be coming to visit each class.  

We took part in the following activities: 

  • Patronus charms with Mrs Roberts
  • Potion making with Mr Younger
  • Herbology with Miss Willoughby
  • Fortune telling with Miss Brooks
  • Astronomy with Mr Marshall
  • Quidditch with Mr Thompson and Miss Fitzsimons

The day started at 9.10am, we stopped for a Harry Potter style lunch and we were busy until 2.20pm where we all came back together for an assembly. In assembly we shared what we had done, showed examples of our activities and watched a montage of the day before announcing our winners for best costumes.


Winners: Travis Flaherty (R), Ellissia May White (Y1), Evie Worrall (Y2), Lola Mills (Y3) and Laicie Postlethwaite (Y4).  


I would like to thank each and every member of staff, child and parent for helping make World Book Day 2017 a success. Will World Book Day 2018 top this year? 


Miss Fitzsimons (English Subject Leader)

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