SERIS in our School.


SERIS- Supporting Emotional Resilience In Schools


SERIS is unique to Barrow and we are very lucky to be able to offer the children this service.  In our school we have a staff referral system, but also pupils are able to speak to our SERIS worker when they feel they need to. If you have any concerns about your child, you can contact Mrs Rushton, to discuss your concerns.


Sometimes life for your child can be difficult, they may have had a row with their brother, their pet may have died or they may find relationships in school difficult.  It really helps them if they have someone who they can talk things through with. At St Pius X, we have a well-trained member of staff, Mrs Rushton to help our pupils deal with any problems or concerns they have. She is here to help the pupils overcome emotional barriers to learning.


Mrs Rushton has received lots of training, including anger management, counselling skills, young minds and mental health, self harm and suicide and loss, separation and bereavement (to name a few). She is also trained in safe guarding issues and works with outside agencies.




September 2015

Welcome Back..... During Autumn, in SERIS we will be talking about our feelings and working on looking at the positive things in our lives, pop back soon to see some of our work. Mrs Rushton

Below are some photo's of some of the items we bought with the money kindly donated by The Rotary, and the Thank you card we sent them. Everyone can't wait to use the things, so Thank you very much Furness Peninsula Rotary club.To find out more about the Rotary click this link

Some of the things we do in our SERIS sessions