Super Trouper taken from the St Pius X Brass Band debut album 'Pump Up the Brass'.  Available now.....

At St Pius we believe that Music matters......  We consider Music to be the fourth core subject standing shoulder to shoulder with Literacy, Numeracy and R.E.

At St Pius every single child has the opportunity to learn to play an instrument.  Not after school, or at the expense of the individual, but as part of our core curriculum.

Every child has the opportunity to be taught to play a brass instrument by experts for four years!  This opportunity is as yet unrivalled in the North West and is what helps to make St Pius a 'Brass Centre of Excellence'.

St Pius currently boasts 130 musicians, (including 10 staff) a 25 piece brass band and an award winning brass ensemble who recently featured on the bay radio.


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