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Welcome to Year 6

Autumn 1

Year 6 had a fantastic start to the year with a trip to watch the start of the Tour of Britain professional cycling race. Two of our children even had the opportunity to go up on stage as mascots for Team Wiggins. We had a great time and met some of the best riders in the world!

We have now got our device manager up and running meaning we can enhance our learning and share our work more easily using our personal iPads.

At the end of the term we had a fabulous day out at Growing Well. We looked around the farm and learned about where our food comes from, then we worked with a professional chef to prepare and cook our own lunch. We ended the day eating the lunch we had prepared in a yurt!



Spring 2

In this term, Year Six have been very busy! Firstly, there was a ‘break-in’ in our classroom. When we arrived at school one Monday morning, someone was found lying on our classroom floor and the whole classroom had been ransacked. We investigated the scene and interviewed the witnesses and then we wrote a newspaper report about the crime - after clearing up the classroom!

We also used our artistic skills by making a Noah’s Ark poster for Trinity church! We worked very hard making a lot of animals to be put on it. It was part of a display at the church for over a week along with other displays from schools in the town.  The Year Five class went to see the exhibition and they really enjoyed it.

Then, we have been learning about the Vikings in history! Some of the activities we did were: making some fact files, drawing Viking Longboats and writing a description of a Viking travelling in time.

Also, we have had an R.E. day for the whole school and our class studied Easter Sunday. We discussed holy week and then we made a poster showing our versions of the Paschal Candle.





Autumn 2

We have worked very hard this term and improved in many different ways. The topic we have been working on was World War Two which we found very interesting.

The main areas we have learned about are:
• How and why the war started
• The main events during the war
• Evacuees

During this half term we have also had the opportunity to help out with the younger children which we really enjoy.

Two weeks ago, we had our Christmas Fair where we sold the Christmas decorations that all the children in the school had made. We made snowmen and lots of them were sold.

On Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th of December, everyone took part in the Christmas play. It turned out really well. We felt scared at the start because hundreds of people were there, but we coped really well in the end! Some people ended up doing other people’s parts, as they couldn’t come, which was very brave.

"Many of our class are in the School Choir and they went to sing at Ostley House last week. We were able to wear our choir uniform for the first time!" Shani, Year Six

Autumn 1

We have enjoyed learning about Victorians.