Welcome to Year 5


Crazy Christmas!

Year 5 have worked amazingly hard this half term.

We have learned about forces in Science, including an investigation into how to make a helicopter fall as slowly as possible in an emergency.

In Topic we learned about the Scots and the Anglo-Saxons. Among other things we found out about how they lived and that some of the days of the week are named after their gods. We also still use features of their festivals in our celebrations, such as Christmas and Easter.

We ended the term with lots of fun and excitement in the Christmas show and the class Christmas’s party. Everyone worked really hard to learn their parts for the play, including singing ‘Sankta Lucia’ in Swedish!

Fun 1st Half Term

Year 5 have had a fabulous start to the year. We have enjoyed learning about our solar system in science and about the Terrible Tudors in history. We also visited Furness College for an amazing STEM afternoon.