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Welcome to Year 1

Spring 1

In Year One this term out topics has been Castles. We have really loved this topic and got stuck into it! We loved learning about the different parts of the castle and the different jobs people did inside the castles.

In Literacy we looked at the tradition tales of Robin Hood and The sword in the stone. These stories really got our imagination going and we wrote lots of adjectives about these stories!

One of the favourite activities this term was our ‘stay and learn day’ when some of our parents came in and helped us make symmetrical knights shields!

In Science this term we have been looking at ‘animals including humans’ and we have been very lucky with lots of animal visits to Year One. We first of all had a bearded dragon named Drogon. We learnt all about reptiles and what they need to survive. We then had a visit from Shelly the tortoise, who is a real character! She loved seeing all the children!

We then had a visit from Connor the African land snail who was magnificent! Seeing these animals really helped our understanding of different animals groups and helped us to sort animals into their animal groups.

This term we had the fantastic opportunity to attend Furness Voices and we practiced really hard. We loved taking part and performing on the big stage in front of an audience! 

Autumn 2

This term our topic has been Teddy Bears! This topic has been really interesting as we have been looking at old and new teddy bears.

In Literacy one of the series of books we looked at were the ‘Old Bear’ stories. Our favourite was the ‘Little Bear lost’ story. We ended up losing our own little bear! We created posters and followed clues to find little bear but we eventually found him!
We also looked at stories from Rupert the Bear, Winnie the Pooh and our favourite was definitely Paddington! We loved linking these stories to the geography and histories of these bears.
Paddington this year was everywhere! The children were very excited to find statues of Paddington dotted all over the country.

We liked learning about Theodore Roosevelt and how Teddy Bears got their names. We think that Theodore was a kind man for not harming the baby bear.

We were shocked at the difference between old teddy bears where they were very hard and stiff. Compared to the teddy bears we know and love today.

In music we looked at the episode of Rupert the Bear with the frog song written by Paul McCartney. We performed this song in front of the whole school in our class assembly.


Autumn 1

We have had a very busy time in Year One this half term! This half term we our topic has been ‘Transport’. We looked at what transport is built and used in Barrow including submarines, boats, cars and trains (including Thomas the Tank engine of course!). We were very excited to find out that Thomas the Tank engine was based in Walney.

One of our favourite things was making paper aeroplanes and pretending to be the Wright Brothers! We also enjoyed singing “Those magnificent men in their flying machine”. I think the X Factor better watch out as Year One are singing beautifully!

In English this half term we have been looking at repeating language in stories and recounting some familiar stories. Our favourite was Thomas the Tank Engine when Thomas goes fishing! We also had a go at thinking of our own way to get the fish out of Thomas’s tank.

In Phonics we have been looking at our new sounds and making our ‘real’ words and some ‘alien’ words. We loved making alien words because they are really silly!

In Maths we have been focusing on our number bonds to 10. We particularly enjoyed singing Farmer Pete who ends up losing his ten sheep! This song really helps us remember our number bonds and helps us build our jigsaw numbers to 10.

In Science we have been looking at the weather. We had a go at making our own weather map and presenting it just like the television! We also had some very windy weather so we made some windmills so we could see how fast the weather was going and begin to build a weather station.

What a busy first term in Year One!