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Gospel Values Newsletter


May 2024

Our Gospel Value for the month of May is Hope

We have hope in the Resurrection of Jesus that his sacrifice will enable us to gain entrance to Heaven when it is our time to join Him. 

We also remember in this month of May, the hope that Mary must have felt for the world, knowing that she brought the Son of God into the world. 

March and April 2024

Our Gospel Value during Lent is Forgiveness

We remember that even whilst Jesus was dying on the cross, He asked God, His Father to forgive those who were hurting him.

Our newsletter asks us to think about how to forgive other people and to think about how other people feel if we don't forgive them.

February 2024

Our Gospel Value this month is Love.  

Love for one another.

Love for God

God's love for us. 

04 January 2024

Our first Gospel Value for the new year is Justice.  We will all try to be just and fair in school, in our dealings with other people. 

07 December 2023

December's Gospel Value is Family. In all its forms, family is one of the most important things to us. Our family at home, our school family and our extended families. 

03 November 2023

Our Gospel Value this month is Truth. We are going to try to be truthful with ourselves and others. 

11 October 2023

This month, our Gospel Value is Faith. In assembly Mr McGoldrick told us about St Francis of Assisi and the faith that he had in God that helped him to give up his worldly possessions and live a more simple life. 

13 September 2023.

Welcome back to school! Our September Gospel Value newsletter is Service. We will be collecting food for the food bank to show our service to others. 

14 June 2023

There are three very special Feast Days in June and July - the Feast of the Sacred Heart, Saint Peter and Paul and Corpus Christi. Our Gospel Value is Compassion.

05 May 2023

We enter May with a feeling of Hope following the Resurrection of Jesus. 

02 March 2023

March and April are when we begin to turn our thoughts to Lent, Holy Week and Easter. Our Gospel Value is Forgiveness.

03 February 2023

With the feast of St Valentine in February, our Gospel Value newsletter is naturally based on Love. 

11 January 2023

Happy New Year. We hope you've all had a restful time off. Our first Gospel Value for 2023 is Justice.

01 December 2022

As we approach Christmas, our thoughts turn to Family. Our own and the Holy Family of Mary, Jesus and Joseph.

02 November 2022

November is the months of All Saints, and our Gospel Value is Truth. 

12 October 2022

Our Gospel Value newsletter for October is based on Faith. October is the month of the Holy Rosary, and we remember the Faith that Mary had in the Lord when she was chosen to be the Mother of the Son of God. 

14 September 2022

Welcome back to school.

Our Gospel Values newsletter for September.