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Welcome to Year 2

Spring 1 2023-2024

What an exciting half term we have had! We have had an excellent half term going on trips. We visited Liverpool on the coach and spent the full day with Eureka in their Interactive Science Museum and exploring the World Museum. At Eureka we were lead on a guided tour through their interactive zones. We took part in activities that covered: The body, Nature, Home and construction.

The World Museum was equally as wonderful. We explored their: aquarium, ancient Egypt and their natural world. It was fascinating to see real life mummies and develop our understanding of the mummification process. 


Autumn 2 2023-2024


Our final half term of the calendar year! This term we have been very hands on and practical. We have been building up to our Nativity with weekly practices and we were also lucky enough to have a snow day! We had an amazing time outside marking snowmen and having snowball fights. 

we also made a healthy snack for break time within our DT lessons. We made fruit kebabs from scratch. Choosing, cleaning and cutting our own fruit and veg. 

Autumn 1 2023-2024

The first half term of the new academic year!

The children have settled in brilliantly and we have made a great start to the year. This half term we have had Barrow Community Sports in teaching us some multi-skills during our PE lessons. We also had lots of fun creating our class Gospel values poster and finally we have enjoyed listening to, playing and composing musical beats using the glockenspiels! 

Summer 2 2022-2023

Our last half term in Year 2! What a brilliant year we have had. It has been filled with hard work and exciting events. In our last half term we have been learning all about nurturing nurses and the emergency services and how they have changed throughout time. Within our topics we created some medals to replicate that of Florence Nightingale’s out of clay. We also created our very own emergency service vehicles out of recycled materials in DT.

Summer 1 2022-2023

This half term n Summer 1 we have worked extremely hard. We have completed our SAT's. The children were amazing and really showcased what they had learned throughout the year. This half term we were also very creative. We had a professional artist come in to class to teach us how to sketch and paint using water colours and we also had sewing masterclass in DT by our very own Mrs Chatfield.

Finally, we sang our hearts out at St Pius Calling! Even though it rained this didn't dampen our spirits! We sang charanga songs that we have practised throughout the year.

Spring 2 2022-2023

In Spring 2 we continued developing our Geographical knowledge. This half term we have been answering the Geography enquiry ‘Why don’t penguins need to fly?’ We thought that the best way to answer this would be through a trip to the South Lakes Safari Park. Here we had a brilliant time feeding and taking park in a penguin workshop. Taking advantage of local expertise. 

In Re this half term we have been learning about the life and work of Jesus and how he was able to perform unexplainable miracles. The children were able to retell and re-enact some of these through role play. This is what we based this terms class assembly on.

Spring 1 2022-2023

This half term we had the arrival of our wonderful student teacher Miss Cairns, who will be with us for the next 11 weeks. 
This half term we have been learning all about significant explorers. This included the life’s work of people like. Amy Johnson, Walter Tull, Matthew Henson and Ibn Battuta. Within this History module we invited our parents in for a class assembly and hopefully taught them something new. Autumn 2 is also a time for the nativity. The Year 2 class did a fantastic job of narrating the story! 

Autumn 2 2022-2023

We have well and truly settled into the work expectations of Year 2.

This half term was full of exciting school trips! Our first one was the the Manchester Museum of Science and Engineering. Here we had an interactive experience exploring all of the different exhibits. Our second school trip took us to the Manchester Airport Visitor Centre. Here we spent the day being pilots and cabin crew. We had an immersive day on board a Boeing 747 taking part in some creative role play. 
Finally, Autumn 2 is Nativity time. We had the very important job of narrating while Year 1 and Reception acted on stage.
A very exciting half term!

Finally, we also enjoyed an amazing trip to the Manchester Airport Visitor Centre.

Autumn 1 2022-2023

What a brilliant first half term we have had this year in Year 2. The children have been working extremely hard settling into new life in Year 2.

In RE we have been learning all about 'The Chosen People' and reflecting on why we have all been chosen by God to be on the Earth. We incorporated some D and T into this and created some sliders based on the story of Moses. We also took part in a fantastic musing session which was all about telling stories through music. The children really impressed us with their creativity. 

We are very proud of how the children have settled into their new class!

Summer 1 2022

This half term has been our busiest yet! The children have worked their socks off in the run up to the KS1 end of year assessments, we couldn’t be more proud of them. To celebrate the end of our assessment week we enjoyed a personal visit from a local ice cream van! 

This half term we have also enjoyed the Queens jubilee celebrations, we became show jumpers for the afternoon and the Queen came to watch! We also quality checked and tested out our brand new fixed gym equipment, we tested our physical strength and coordination. 

In history this half term we have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. As part of this we took the classic ‘London’s Burning’ and gave it our own twist. We enjoyed editing and creating new imaginative verses. 

Spring 2 2022

This half term we have been extremely busy and had the wonderful opportunity to go on some school trips. The first trip we went in was to help further our understanding of the Titanic and to explore some modern art. We visited Liverpool’s Maritime Museum where we were lucky enough to take part in an interactive workshop and re-enact a true story of a child who boarded the Titanic. 
We also had the chance to visit the Tate Gallery. Here we were able to view and sketch some fantastic modern art.


our second trip of the term was to the South Lakes Safari Park where we took part in a penguin workshop to help with our Geography topic. We learned some amazing facts about then and we were even able to feed them some fish. 

Spring 1 2022

This half term has been another busy and exciting one. In DT this half term we have been learning all about our food and eating healthily. We have designed and made fruit and vegetable kebabs as a healthy snack for break time. Within this we had great fun learning about knife safety and skills.


This half term we have also been learning about shadows and tone in Art. We had great fun exploring natural shadows that are created by the sun in the playground and when the weather wasn’t so nice we created our own shadows in class using torches. 

Autumn 2 2021/22

This half term brought with it an amazing experience at the Manchester Airport Visitor Centre. We all had the opportunity to act as pilots for the day as well as learn about all of the important roles on board an aeroplane. 

This half term was also our first opportunity to take part in ‘Well being in the woods’. We spent the afternoon creating leaf rubbings and hunting for woodland animals in their natural habitats. What a brilliant half term!

Autumn 1 2021/22

This half term we have had a great time settling into life as Year 2's! We have had lots of fun learning new things.

In Geography we have been learning all about where our food comes from and the importance of buying food locally. We have also had a good time in Music learning and performing the song 'Music in me'. This lead up to a whole school concert. Finally in PE we have been very lucky to have the expertise of Kyle from Barrow AFC in the community. He has been teaching us a variety of multi-skills games and activities.

Spring 2 2021

This half term we have been back in the classroom together! We have had a fantastic half term so far. We have enjoyed doing some art and doing lots of work in English based around 'The day the crayons came home'. It was World Book Day while we were remote learning so the first day back we enjoyed a second World Book Day where we dressed in bright colours.

We have had some lovely sunny weather and have spent lots of time outside, learning new skills, using equipment and enjoying the sunshine. Mr McGoldrick even arranged for us all to have an ice cream!

Spring 1 2021

This half term we have been learning remotely. We have spent lots of time on Zoom and using Showbie to help us with our work. We have worked super hard on our handwriting and our phonics and enjoyed creating lots of mess on Friday afternoons! We have made some hand gel soap in class and at home have made lava lamps using oil and food colouring. 

This half term it was also number day so we decorated our own number T-Shirts to wear for the rest of the day.


We are looking forward to having all of Year 2 back very soon!

Autumn 2 2020

This half term we have spent lots of time remote learning! We have all worked super hard from home and have adapted very well to learning on Zoom! Year 2 have blown me away. We have learnt all about Advent and made our own Wreaths and even made our very own musical instruments in Design and Technology.

We have also been looking at The Great Fire of London and have spent lots of time learning about this. We have made timelines and even began creating our very own pictures in Art using paint, tissue paper and silhouettes of buildings. We enjoyed pretending we were Fire Fighters in 1666 by filling buckets with water as quickly as we could and throwing them out the door!

As Christmas has approached we have been lucky enough to have an Elf visit out classroom and enjoyed a Christmas party in our classroom! 

Autumn 1 2020

This half term has been super busy in Year 2! We have settled back into school really well and enjoyed learning lots of new things. We have spent lots of time learning about The Hoad in Ulverston and have even used google earth and paper maps to locate the monument. 

We have spent lots of time outside exploring how Autumn looks and enjoying the sunny days. We have even enjoyed Mass from our own classroom. 

Summer 2 2020

Our last half term in Year 2 was spent remote learning! We enjoyed lots of challenges and spending some time together at the 'Brighter days are coming' event outside in the school grounds. We all wore bright colours and enjoyed completing lots of tasks at different stations.

Although it was our last half term in Year 2 and we were remote learning we still worked hard with our reading and phonics, finding lots of different and unusual places to read in! We enjoyed completing some Design and Technology, Art and Music tasks! We also spent lots of time in the sunshine on our daily walks and enjoyed being in the back garden. 

Summer 1 2020

This half term has been slightly different. We have been learning from home due to Covid-19. Year 2 have been taking part in lots of class challenges as well as Mr McGoldrick's daily challenge. We have enjoyed lots of family challenges and celebrated VE day together. 

Every morning we start the day together with some PE with Joe Wicks and Mr Thompson before moving on to some home learning and virtual learning! A very different half term in Year 2.

Spring 2 2020

This half term we began looking at The Hoad in topic! We learnt all about why The Hoad was built and had even planned to design and make our own lighthouses. We had great fun doing an assembly on this too.

We have spent lots of time this half term promoting the love of reading. Each week we have been setting challenges to read in a ridiculous place and particularly enjoyed the challenge to read upside down! It was also world book day this half term. We all got dressed up and enjoyed using talk for writing to write a story about our upcoming school trip to The Hoad!

Spring 1 2020

This half term we have been learning all about Polar Regions. We learnt all about the animals and even had the chance to go to the Zoo and feed the penguins! Some of us were very nervous but in the end we all fed the penguins.

We have also spent some time reading The Rainbow Bear, we then created our very own story based on this book and made our very own rainbow animal made from tissue paper. To go alongside this we made our own rainbow.


We've also spent lots of time learning to find the beat of a song. We have done this by using lots of different instruments and even did some dancing to help us!

Autumn 2 2019

This half term we have been very busy! We have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. We created a time line and then wrote our very own newspaper report from 1666. We also researched, designed and made our very own Tudor House. We then turned this into a replica of Pudding Lane. The fire brigade came in and explained to us all about the differences in equipment from 1666 to now, they even let us try some of their hose pipes!! 


While the fire brigade were visiting they burnt down our replica of Puddling Lane! We really enjoyed this and couldn't believe how fast fire could spread! 

Autumn 1 2019

Year 2 have settled in very well this half term! We are enjoying being in our new classroom and are enjoying our new topic. This half term we have spent lots of time looking at Florence Nightingale. We have spent some time looking at where she worked on a map and how she travelled to the hospital she worked in. We also used pastels and wax crayons to create a piece of art work in the style of Bernard Hoyes.

This half term we have also taken part in a sponsored run. Lots of us also attended a whole school welcome mass on Sunday 29th September. 

Summer 2 2019

This was a very busy term! We tried our hand at making clay models and got messy for the afternoon.
We also had some new visitors in our classroom - our caterpillars!. We read the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, wrote our own version and watched our caterpillars go through their lifecycle and turning into beautiful butterflies. When they were ready, we released them on the school field and off they flew to their new lives. We all waved them ‘Bye, Bye!’

For our school trip, we had a visit to Greenlands Farm, which was amazing. We had great fun meeting all the animals.

What a lovely end to the year!

Summer 1 2019

Here we are having fun with pastels. We have been learning about The Great Fire of London in History and we experimented creating the flames by layering and blending the pastels. This term we also had our SATs and did brilliantly. Mr McGoldrick bought us all a treat - a McFlurry, donut or apple pie from McDonalds!

Spring 2 2019

This half term we have been creating Roald Dahl's Enormous Crocodile. He looks amazing! We have been learning about airships with the Sankey Project and showing what good artists we are in Year 2. On Science Day, we learnt about tunnels, liquids and fabulous fruits!

Also, we have been preparing for our SATs and working hard on our Maths and English.

Spring 1 2019

Another really busy half term in Year 2!

We have been reading ‘The Magic Finger’ by Roald Dahl and have found it very funny that the ducks took revenge on the humans and lived in their cosy house, while the humans had to build a nest in a tree to shelter in during a massive storm!

We have enjoyed doing dance in P.E. and also some yoga. We found it very relaxing. Another exciting project for Year 2 and Year 5 has started and we have had workshops with Sue, Christine and Alex to learn all about the history of postcards through ‘The Sankey Project’.

We have been learning about money in Maths and the pictures show us making our big shop and buying and selling things. We had to find the right money and also give change sometimes.

Have a lovely half term break!

Autumn 2018

It's lovely to be back and Year 2 have made a brilliant start and settled in quickly. In Literacy, we have been reading 'The Rainbow Fish' and retelling the story. The children are making their own Rainbow Fish for our reading area - they will look amazing! in Maths we have been practising our addition skills and number formation. In History, we are learning about Florence Nightingale and why we remember her still today. We will be making lamps like Florence's very soon.