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Welcome to Year 5

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Spring 2 2021

This half term we have been investigating the Anglo-Saxons. We have been studying visual clues and analysing a range of images and come up with our own explanation for the Anglo-Saxon invasion. The ideas we came up with were: more land for farming, better, milder climate, Saxon land flooded a lot, more food/crops and they thought they could win the battles because the Romans had left.  We have really enjoyed this new approach to learning looking for clues and having group discussions. We have also investigated the find at Sutton Hoo. We used images to work out who we thought was buried there. We were amazed at what we found out. If you want to see what was found there just follow this link!

Spring 1 2021

This half term was all covered through Remote Learning. The class were amazing and they came onto zoom lessons everyday and worked really hard. The most interesting lessons during this time were looking at rivers in Geography. We learned many skills along the way through an investigative approach. This wasn't easy remotely and the pupils missed having each other in person to discuss things with. Nevertheless,  they succeeded in building their resilience and produced some very interesting work. One activity was particularly challenging and that was to follow the River Axe from source to mouth and to pin point particular places on that journey on sections of an ordinance survey map. Once it had been located the pupil had to recreate that section of the map.  

Autumn 2020

This term has been unusual because of the situation we have been in but we have done some interesting things.

We have looked at the books of Roald Dahl in particular ‘Esio Trot’. We really loved this book especially the illustrations. We wrote letters in the style of the magic spell in the book and we also drew our own illustrations.

In History we studied World War One which we found fascinating. We looked at the main causes of the outbreak of the war and the life in the trenches.  For Remembrance Day, we painted poppies, which we took home for our families, and presented a pre-recorded assembly for the whole school. This also went onto Facebook so all our parents could see it.

We have had a big focus on writing in the second half term and we produced some really good pieces of writing based on the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Just before Christmas, we decided to do our own version of the Twelve Days of Christmas. We recorded this for our parents and it is on the school Facebook page.

Autumn 1 2020

We have had a good start to the year despite Covid-19. 

A virtual tour of the classroom will be appearing here very soon along with photographs of our work. 

Summer 2020

What a very different term we have had! Despite the difficulties Covid-19 has brought, we have managed to keep learning and enjoying ourselves. Home learning has kept us together as a virtual class, as have the many Challenges we have done. We have kept in touch in different ways and it has been lovely to see all the videos and photos on the St Pius X Home Learning and Keeping in Touch page. Sports Day was virtual, but still lots of fun and we did manage to meet in person at our amazing socially distanced 'Brighter Days are Coming' event. What a fabulous way to end this term!

Let's hope that the Autumn term will see us all back together in person again.

Spring Term 2 2020

This half term was, sadly, cut short  by the arrival of Covid-19. We did manage to have our World Book Day, however, which was  brilliant! Everyone dressed as their favourite character from a book and each class wrote a Class Story. Year Five had to write a story for younger children around a puppet character. It was quite a silly story, but great fun to write!

During lockdown, our school became a hub. The majority of our pupils worked from home and teachers provided both physical Learning Packs and on-line learning through Showbie. We worked on English, Spelling, Maths, Guided Reading, Science, R.E. and Topic, as well as having fun with Joe Wicks daily P.E. and activities set by Mr Thompson.

Spring Term 1 2020

This half term we had fun studying Fractions in Maths. We had a practical Maths lesson using Skittles sweets to find equivalent fractions and compare fractions with different denominators. In  English we were learning how to write legends, which linked with our new Topic work on Anglo Saxons. We had a brilliant morning with Mrs Greaves, who dressed as an Anglo Saxon woman and brought lots of amazing artefacts in to show us what life was like for people living then. We then had a brilliant week on our residential trip to PGL.

Autumn 2 2019

In the second half term we continued our studies of Tudor life and we wrote explanations about the terrible illnesses they had. In Maths, we have had fun with 2D and 3D shapes.

Autumn 1 2019

Our topic this first half term has been the Tudors. We have learned about Henry VIII’s life and wrote his biography. We have been doing a lot of work on the Gospel Values and how to care for Creation. 

Summer 2 2019

This half term, in English we have continued to read and explore our class book 'Varjak Paw'.  We have researched and written a comparative report about cats; a balanced argument about whether children should use mobile phones in class and we produced a 'Black Out Poem' based on Varjak Paw using photocopied pages from the book. 

In Math, we have been converting improper fractions to mixed numbers; converting different measurements by multiplying and dividing by 1000, including decimals.  We also have the opportunity to play and compete against each other using Times Table Rockstars!  Mrs Crellin and Miss Light thoroughly enjoyed the competition as well!

Children in year 5 have explored a range of topics in RE this half term. They explored different types of worship and prayer and used this understanding to create their own and performed them confidently Infront of the whole school in assembly. They did brilliantly. They researched sacraments that bring us closer to God and the importance of being humble.

In topic, children explored the Greeks and really enjoyed this topic. They produced some great DT work such as an Olympic wreath and learnt about the battle of Troy.
Frequently over the year we have been visited by the Sankey Project. They worked with kids to create a sentimental postcard related to barrows history. 
Mr Burchell, Miss Light, Mrs Nelson and I would like to say a massive thank you for allowing us to teach such a wonderful group of children.  Have a fantastic Summer!

Summer 1 2019

This half term year five conquered their fears at the Coniston residential. The activities included sailing, climbing, kayaking, canoeing and the infamous game of hide and seek. Their personalities all shined and they gave every activity their all. Their behavior was a credit to St Pius and the staff are all incredibly proud. 

Since the start of term, year 5 have been enjoying a new book in Guided Reading sessions called 'Varjak Paw' and have used their enthusiasm and knowledge for this novel to produce a Non Comparative Report in English about different breeds of cats. They have produced some fantastic reports as a group.

In Maths children have been working hard to improve their fluency and confidence with numbers. Topics this term have covered multiples, factors, squared and cubed numbers and they've recently began to look at fractions. Children have been stretched in these sessions but they have engaged well and their learning has progressed as a result.

Topic and RE sessions have seen children exploring the resurrection of Jesus and have written a small play script describing the events. They have also recently started learning about sacraments that bring us closer to God. In topic we have recently began to explore the Ancient Greeks and children have engaged with a couple of research tasks to gather a foundation of knowledge. 

Autumn 2018

This half term we have learned about Oscar Romero, an Archbishop in El Salvador, who was a very special man. Bravely, he stood up for inequalities in his home country. He was assassinated because of how he stood up to the government. He has now been made a saint by Pope Francis. We have talked about how he was very shy but then because his friend was killed he changed and became much braver. We learned that things in his country were very unfair because only ten families in the country had most of the money and a lot of people were very poor. Last weekend, Pope Francis made him a saint we are very excited about this.

By Year Five

Our class book has been, “There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom!” We have enjoyed this because it is very funny and entertaining. It’s about a boy named Jeff who goes to a new school where there is a very naughty boy called Bradley. They end up being friends for a while and then fall out. We think this is a very good book because it is making us understand about friendship. It has shown us how people feel if they are left out at school and how this can make them feel angry, lonely and frustrated. We have recognised that if people feel like this they don’t always behave well towards others. We are really looking forward to finishing this book to see how it ends.

We have found the Tudors and especially Henry VII very interesting. Here are some of our favourite interesting facts.

  • Henry VIII’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon, was first married to his brother Arthur. They’d only been married a few months before he died. Henry married Catherine seven years later.
  • Henry VIII met Anne Boleyn because she was one of Catherine of Aragon’s maids. He eventually divorced Catherine so he could marry Anne. 
  • Anne Boleyn was Queen Elizabeth I’s mum.
  • When Henry VIII was king, he was known for being very handsome but by the end of his life he was fat and smelt!
  • Henry VIII got married six different times – his sixth wife outlived him.
  • Two of Henry VIII’s wives were beheaded – Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard.
  • To help you remember about King Henry VIII’s six wives and what happened to them, think: ‘Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived.’
  • Henry VIII didn’t like it when other important people in his court disagreed with him. Sometimes he’d send them to the Tower of London to be executed!
  • Apparently Anne Boleyn, one of his wives, had an extra finger!
  • He began his own church, with himself as head of it, so he could divorce two of his wives. .