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Welcome to Reception

Spring 2

What an exciting half term of learning we have had!

This half term in Literacy our Topic was traditional tales and you will never believe what happened! We arrived to school to find a crime scene. The clues of sticks, straw, fur and footprints led us to believe the Big Bad Wolf had come to visit our Reception classroom over night! We rang the police straight away and they came in to help us solve the case. When the police were in school they showed us their police car van, and even let use try some of the equipment they use. They left us with the challenge of making a WANTED poster to help find the Big Bad Wolf which we did and posted all around school. With Receptions help, we are happy to say, the Big Bad Wolf has since been caught!

As well as being detectives for much of this half term, we have also been learning how to look after ourselves. We learnt about healthy foods and how important fruit and vegetables were. We wrote our very own fruit kebab recipe and made one to eat during snack time. It was yummy! We went to Barrow Leisure Centre on a school trip to take part in a healthy mover’s session which we had lots of fun doing. In addition to our physical health we learnt how important it is to look after our mental health. We had lots of Circle Times this half term, giving us time to talk about how we were feeling that day.

After such an exciting half term, we are now ready for our Easter Break. Have a lovely Easter everyone!

Spring 1

After a lovely Christmas Break Reception were very excited to get back to learning in school.

We began our half term with a focus week learning all about Islam. The children enjoyed using our construction materials to build mosques and learnt that before you went into a mosque you had to take off your shoes and wash your feet, so that is what we did! This half term we have also celebrated Chinese New Year in class. We turned our role play area into a Chinese restaurants and started taking orders. At the end of the week we did some Chinese food tasting which was very tasty!

In our outdoor area were busy making love potions for valentine’s day following some recipes. We handed out our love potions around the school and the staff were very grateful.  In our Understanding the World topic, we have been learning all about Polar regions.  We were shocked to come into school one day to find our polar animals had been frozen! We explored the ice before talking about the process of melting. We soon discovered that we could help melt the ice by pouring warm water over them.

 We have had a lovely half term, with lots of fun and interactive learning. Have a lovely midterm break everyone!

Autumn 2 2021

We have had lots of fun in the run up to Christmas. We have taken part in many festive activities and also put on a Nativity performance for our families. It was some of our first times performing in front of an audience and we took it in our stride. Some of our other festive activities included salt dough decorations and split pin snowmen. We are looking forward to lots more learning next half term. 

Autumn 1 2021

Welcome to Reception! 

We have had an excellent start to our time in St Pius X. We have all settled in really well and used the first half term to get to know each other, our classroom and our new teachers. We have explored the different areas of classrooms, settling into routines well. We are looking forward to our next half term. 

Summer 2 2021

We can't believe we have finished our Year in Reception! This half term our topic was Fantasy Land. We did lots of work around different magical stories and one of our favourite parts of the topic was Pirates. We created treasure maps, made our own Pirate characters for a story and did lots of creative writing. 

Summer 1 2021

This half term our topic was Wild About Animals. We learnt all about wild animals and the countries they are from and live in. We changed our role play area into a Zoo Vet surgery and were able to look after lots of poorly wild animals. To finish our topic we went on a trip to the local zoo to feed the giraffes and see a real life wild vet surgery. 

Spring 2 2021

We are back! Reception are very happy to have been back in school for the last few weeks of our Spring Term. We have been doing lots of learning including learning all about 3D shapes in Maths. We've had lots of fun investigating what 3D shapes roll and which don't. We made predictions and then carried out the experiment to see if we were right. 

Spring 1 2021

This half term we were once again back to remote learning, but we didn’t let that stop us having lots of fun while learning. We continued our timetables lessons via zoom with Miss Milligan and enjoyed our Traditional Tales Topic. We read lots of traditional tales including The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and The Gingerbread Man.  One of our favourites was The Gingerbread Man. We designed our own Gingerbread men and some of us even got to eat them after. It was yummy! 

Autumn 2 2020

This half term in Reception is one of our favourites, it's the run up to Christmas! Although this year we were unable to do a whole school Nativity, we brought the Nativity to our classroom. We changed out home corner into a stable and had so much fun retelling the story of Jesus birth. 

Autumn 1 2020

Welcome to Reception! This half term was our first half term in Reception, some of us had been to Little Lambs Nursery and for others, it was our first ever time in St Pius X. We have spent our first half term learning new routines, meeting new friends and meeting our new teacher - "I have lots of new friends, we play in the building area".  We did lots of our activities outside and loved getting messy, especially doing some potion making. In Topic we read the book Funnybones and then used split pins to make our very own skeletons. We have spent lots of time exploring all of our areas and resources.  We are really looking forward to the fun we will have next half term. 

Summer 2020

This was our first half term of Home Learning and look how well we did! We took part in a range of daily challenges from P.e to Music set by different teachers across the school. Our topic this half term was ‘Through the Woods’. We read one of our favourite stories ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’ and even did some yoga while following the story. We made some exciting Bear Hunt Maps and went on our own Bear Hunt with our families and homemade binoculars! We have made Miss Milligan so proud how we have adapted so quickly to our learning at home. I wonder what next half term will bring? 

Spring 2 2020

As well as our fun topics, we have also been learning about germs and how important it is to wash our hands. We used green glitter to represent the germs and tried to clean our hands using just water - the germs would not come off! To clean your hands properly you must use soap! We even learnt a song to remind how important it is to wash your hands and how long we need to wash them for. 

World Book Day 2020