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Welcome to Little Lambs

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map


Summer 2 

Little Lambs Graduation

Although our time has finished,
our smiles will never fade.
We won’t forget the hand prints,
or memories we have made!

Thank you to all our Little Lambs and their parents for wonderful school year. We have had so much fun being your teachers and we wish you all the best of luck in all that you do. Remember to always do your best and to be kind to all your peers. We are so very proud of you and can’t wait to watch you succeed and grow throughout St Pius X. 

Copyright - Phil Collins - On My Way

Summer 1

 This half term we have been having a lot of fun learning from home. Our Topic has been Through The Woods and we have really enjoyed all of the activities we have been taking part in. 

Below is a slideshow showing our fantastic mark making! We have made birds to use when we sing the song Two Little Dicky Birds. Wrote our name using items we have found around the house or in the woods. Painted pictures using mud and home made paint bushes. Created leaf rubbings and even made our own leaf friend! 

We have also been working really had with our maths work. We have created our own number lines, collected objects and matched them with the correct numbers, looked at different coins and had fun playing shops and even tried hard to draw numbers and shapes! There is a slide show below showing some of our learning below.

This half term our topic was through the woods. We really enjoyed exploring the woods on our daily walks - always keeping safe and socially distancing. We looked at trees and used different materials to make them, looked at wildlife and collected items on a scavenger hunt. We also took our teddy's on a bear hunt and for a woodland picnic. It has been great fun!

We have continued to work on our Phase 1 phonics from home. Below is just a very small selection of the great work we have been doing. 

Spring 2

This half term we have been really busy. We have been learning all about Jungle animals. We looked at what part of the world the animals came from and even had a trip to the zoo! We each designed and made an animal mask to take home. We were all very proud of our creations. 

As well as our fun topics, we have also been learning about germs and how important it is to wash our hands. We used green glitter to represent the germs and tried to clean our hands using just water - the germs would not come off! To clean your hands properly you must use soap! We even learnt a song to remind how important it is to wash your hands and how long we need to wash them for. 

World Book Day 2020

Spring 1

This half term we have been really lucky to get some new friends in our class! We have welcomed the new children and made them feel part of our school.

As well as making some new friends we have also worked really hard! When we returned to school after Christmas we began our Frozen topic. We learnt all about ice and snow. We looked on a map to see where we live in the UK and then looked at the Arctic! The Arctic  is a long way from where we live and it is covered in snow! We learnt all about the animals that live in the Arctic and our favorite kind of animal was a Husky. We were really lucky to meet a real husky puppy called Missy.

What I want to be when I am older - this topic was chosen by the children. We tried out all different kinds of occupations including hairdressers, window cleaners, rally car drivers, builders, teachers, dancers and footballers. One of our favorites was when we were builders for the day. We had a special guest in school who helped us build a wall using real bricks! We each decorated a brick and then our bricks were used to make a wall. It was super fun!

During our RE lessons we have been looking at the Parable of the Good Samaritan. This made us think about how kind and helpful we are. We decided to make a helping hands poster and each made a promise to do at least one helpful act that day. 

Our final topic of this half term has been Valentines. Our guided reading book for this topic has been The Day It Rained Hearts. In our story Cornelia Augusta made a card for her friend. We copied what Cornelia did and made our own cards for our friends. We walked to the Post Office with our cards and posted them. The on Valentines Day we each received a card from one of our friends!

Autumn 2

We have had a really busy half term and had lots of fun! 

Our first topic was all about Traditional Tales. We read lots of stories including Goldilocks And The Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. We noticed that in all three of these stories there was a wolf!

This half term was also National Nursery Rhyme week! We learnt a rhyme a day everyday throughout the week and had fun activities to help us learn the words. There is a video below of our favorite song - Down In The Jungle. 

The topic we have enjoyed the most though is Christmas! We have learnt all about baby Jesus and took part in the KS1 Nativity where we all dressed as Little Lambs! 

Autumn 1

We have all settled into our new class and made lots of friends! 

This half term we have had lots of fun learning about autumn. We have been on autumn walks and collected leaves that have fallen off the trees. We know that it gets dark early and leaves turn brown, red and orange. 

We also enjoyed our transport topic and learnt all about different types of transport. 

Below are our pictures which were taken on our first day. 

Spring 2

We have been learning all about birds this term as part of National Bird Week and were very lucky to have a special visit from the Owl Sanctuary and got to hold an Owl. We made our own binoculars and went outside to look for different birds, we also made some bird feeders out of bagels, lard and seed too and hung them out . We also have our very own bird box and are watching the bird build its nest, we can`t wait to see the eggs hatch. 

Spring 1

Since returning to Nursery after Christmas we came into a frozen classroom, we had different challenges. The Arctic animals were frozen in ice and we had to try and get them out by melting the ice with warm water and salt, we tried painting with frozen paint and we made our own snow for the animals and tried getting the frozen paper clips out of the icy water with magnets. We had lots of fun.

Autumn 2

We have had lots of fun learning new songs for Little Lambs Nativity and acting out the Christmas story.

Autumn 1

Everyone has  settled in really well and have all made new friends. This half term we have been looking at autumn and spending time outside. We enjoy wrapping up in our all in one suits and going out in all weather.

Reading is very important in our nursery. On a Monday someone is chosen to bring in our book of the week. We look at this book and theme our work around it. On the Friday the story is read to us by one of the parents. "We love our special story time!"

The children are enjoying daily mark making activities. We give opportunities for mark making in all areas of the classroom and also outside. 

Below are some pictures of the fun we have had so far.