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Subject Leader - Mr H Bolton

PE Curriculum Intent Statement

At St. Pius X we recognise the role that PE has to play in promoting a long term healthy lifestyle which is both enjoyable and fulfilling. PE is used as a vehicle to support both the physical and mental well being of our children. At St. Pius X we aim to provide a high-quality physical education curriculum that follows and fulfils the National Curriculum requirements. PE at St Pius X is supplemented by the Cambridge Scheme of work which is coherently sequenced and planned, providing both a clear progression of skills and a framework that can be adapted to meet the needs of all children.

Through an ambitious curriculum, lesson time, specialist coaching and our broad range of sports clubs, we support pupils in developing a skilful use of the body. At St. Pius X, we aim for all pupils to be physically literate and to have the knowledge, skills and cultural capital necessary to enable them to succeed in a healthy, active lifestyle and lifelong participation in physical activity and sport.

At St. Pius X we also recognise the vital role PE has to play in the holistic development of the children. As a Catholic school we believe that our faith underpins our teaching and learning. This means that we embed core Gospel Values such as love, compassion and respect in every lesson. Finally, we understand that PE, physical activity and school sport make an extensive contribution towards aspects of pupils’ social, moral, spiritual and cultural development and so we strive to make the children aware of vital components of PE such as determination, persistence and resilience which we aim to translate in to all other subjects across our broad and balanced curriculum


“Give thanks to God for the gift of sport, in which the human person exercises his body, intellect and will, recognising these abilities as so many gifts of his Creator” Pope John Paul II

Long Term Plan

National Curriculum Coverage

Progression Journey

Knowledge and Skills Ladder


At St. Pius X assessment in an ongoing process which takes place in every lesson allowing us to identify and address misconceptions. We also use the GetSet4PE assessment tool to input and save our assessment data. Class teachers are expected to update this tool at the end of every PE unit before the next half term.

Information for Parents

PE Days

Reception: Friday.                                                                                

Year 1: Monday and Wednesday (Swimming: Spring 2).

Year 2: Monday and Friday (Swimming: Summer 2).

Year 3: Monday and Wednesday (Swimming: Summer 1).

Year 4: Monday and Wednesday (Swimming: Spring 1).

Year 5: Thursday and Friday (Swimming: Autumn 2).

Year 6: Tuesday and Thursday (Swimming: Autumn 1).

After School Clubs

After school clubs are all displayer under the 'Extra Curricular Activities' tab.

Remote Learning

In past we have been put in 3 national lockdowns. At St Pius X we saw an opportunity to adapted our curriculum to meet the needs and opportunities of our children, to use PE as a vehicle for mental well being as well as physical health and education.

We used a variety of resources available to us such as our specialist sports coach teaching live lessons, Joe Wicks and we even created our own physically active well being day called 'Fitness Family Friday'. Both the staff and the children have learned how vital Physical Education and Physical Activity are in keeping a positive mental attitude. Below you will find some examples of children participating and enjoying physical education.

Enrichment and Cultural Capital

We aim to constantly improve our enrichment and cultural capital offering in PE. Currently, the the subject is enhanced by the following:

  • Sponsored Run/Walk
  • Active Travel Week 
  • Walk to School Week 
  • Community Walk (Autumn - How Tun Woods, Spring - Easter Mass at Church, Summer - Beach)
  • Bike-ability 
  • Swimming Gala
  • Furness Games Organiser Events Timetable
  • Inter School Competitions 
  • Key Steps Gymnastics
  • Limitless dance
  • Hoops Basket Ball
  • National Skipping day
  • House Captains (Y2 & Y6)
  • Playtime Buckets 
  • Fixed Equipment (Adventure Trails) 
  • Green gym equipment
  • Sports’ Day 
  • Coniston Day Trip and Residential
  • Year 4 Indoor Ski Trip
  • Barrow AFC in the Community Sessions
  • Grass Roots Links
  • FOSPX Sponsored walk
  • Olympian visit