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Whole School Art Days

Christmas Card Printing Day

November 2021

Every year, children create Christmas card designs, which the Friends of St Pius X then print into a pack of cards, which are then sold to parents and the community, in aid of our school fundraising. This year, each class chose a key skill in printing and had a go at creating some fantastic designs for this year's Christmas cards. The finished products were amazing!

Artists Through the Ages

October 2021

As a whole school, we chose a day to celebrate some fantastic famous artists and their work. Each class focused on a different artist and had the opportunity to learn all about them and their lives. Lots of amazing pieces of art were produced as a result!


March 2021

We have arrived back to school with the theme of 'The Day the Crayons Returned'. We celebrated our long-awaited return to school with a COLOURS art day to brighten up the school, once again. Each class focused on a colour and produced a range of different pieces of art. The children had so much fun and got very messy!

'A View Through My Window' - Home Learning Challenge

February 2021

The theme is 'A View from My Window'. This means you can use ANY media (pencils, crayons, pastels, paint, collage, clay etc.) to create a piece of artwork which represents the view from your window. 
You could create a representation of:
The actual view from your window,
An imaginary view from your window (e.g. a window into your dreams) or
The view you want for the future when you look out of your window.
Therefore, it is completely up to you what you want to create!
When your artwork is finished, take a clear picture and send it directly to me (Miss Stephens) on Class Dojo. Please keep your artwork safe at home, as when we are able to return to school we will make a whole-school display of your work in the school.
Some suggested steps for getting started:
1. Start sketching and gathering some ideas and views from your window, looking at composition and a subject or view that interests you.
2. Take your pen for a walk and sketch the view first.
3. Think about these questions:
Do you want to include the window frame or not?
Do you want to include an interior scene with outdoors?
What view do you get in different directions?
Is there something that is fun or sends a message?
Can ordinary everyday objects make an interesting subject?
4. Include the main shapes and ideas in your sketch. Include the tones so you pick out light, dark and medium shades.
5. You can work in any medium that you like. Think about complementary colours and mix them rather than straight from the tube (if using paint).
Useful links to help you:
Watch a video of someone sketching 'The view from my window'. 
See different photographs from around the world during lockdown showing 'A view from my window'. 
See different views from windows all around the world. 
Listen to a lovely story, celebrating all the different views from windows across the globe. 
Finally, please share photos on our St Pius X Remote Learning and Keeping in Touch Facebook group.
Have fun!

Here is what our fantastic families produced...