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               Welcome to Year 6

Autumn 1 2023

We have made a great start to Year 6 and settled into the responsibilities of being the oldest children in the school really well. 

In September, we were paired up with our new Recpetion class buddies and we have been helping them settle into school life by reading to them and playing with them at playtimes.

Our Librarians have conitnued in their role with a few new ones too! They have run 'Love Your Library' sessions for all children  from Reception to Year 4 so far.

We have enjoyed our Geogrpahy studies, learning how to carry out field work properly by doing traffic and litter surveys, asking members of the public questions and comparing areas of different population densities. 

In Science, we have been learning about the circulatory system and conducted investigations into the rate of blood flow, and how osmosis and diffusion occur. 

Finally, we have also written our Prayer and Liturgy sessions and several groups have led these sessions for the class already.

Summer 2 

Our Art and History topic learning is about learning about the the Maya Civilisation. We are making papier mache Maya masks.  We also had a fantastic trip to London. We visited the Tower of London and  Westminster Abbey amongst other really interesting places. We went to see the Lion King and we absolutely loved it - so much that we performed a dance to the Circle of Life in our Leavers' Assembly. 

Summer 1

What a busy half term we have had! We had adventures as well as a lot of hard work. We went to Moor Forge up near Wigton to see what life was like for a Viking. We really enjoyed looking at the Long house and the weapons. We had a lovely trip to Barrow Library where we practised our reading skills for our Reception buddies. In DT, we were making pizzas and we asked our buddies for their favourite flavours. In computing, we looked at filming techniques and made our own films.

Spring 2

We have had a very busy half term. We have learned about Fair Trade, and we based our class assembly on this. We brought in Fair trade items, and they are being taken to the Foodbank. We have had some very exciting science days and experiences too. We had a brilliant time at the Furness Stem show. We also had a lovely day learning about the Angelus. This was to celebrate the feast day of the Mater Christi Trust. We did artwork that contributed to a triptych combining art from Years 4, 5 and 6.

Spring 1 2023

In this half term, we had a lot of fun with our Art topic. We were using collage to make self portraits and also Viking longboats. We were inspired by surrealist artists such as Picasso and we became very creative in our choices of materials we used. This fitted in really well with our History topic of Vikings. We are going to visit Moorforge, a Viking longhouse, soon and we will put photos up on here once we have been.

Autumn 2 


In this half term,  we studied World War 2. We studied its chronology and the causes of this war in context of World War 1We looked at the effect that it had on women’s lives pre war and post war. We discussed evacuation and also read the book Goodnight Mister Tom. This gave us an insight into what it must have been like for a child to be evacuated at this time.

Autumn 1 2022

This half term we have met our new Reception buddies which has been lovely. We made cards for them, read stories together and played with the outdoors equipment. 

At the start of the year, we were involved with a brilliant Art project based on Anne Frank. This involved learning about her and then thinking about injustice in the world. This then moved onto self portraits and how to see ourselves in different ways and how to reflect these ideas in our portraits.  Then we went to Barrow Library and saw our portraits in the exhibition. 

Summer 2 2022

The end of this year was really exciting for us as we went on our residential to London. We had a fantastic time. Our highlights were: visiting the Houses of Parliament; going to the very top of St Paul's Cathedral; looking at London from above on the London Eye and seeing The Lion King. This was an amazing experience for us and a great way to finish our journey through St Pius all together. 

Summer 1 2022

This half term we have been lucky enough to have had some excellent STEM experiences which have really enhanced our scientific and mathematical thinking.  We had a fantastic STEM day with C-STEM learning how to program robots using LEGO MINDSTORMEV3s. This helped us to gain knowledge, use creativity, build resilience and learn the importance of working as a team. We also had a brilliant STEM morning at Furness College run by @FESP showing us how fun Science can be.

Spring 2 2022

This half-term we went on an interesting trip to a Viking settlement: Moorforge. We learnt that Vikings lived in longhouses (if they were lucky) and sometimes worked in farms or smithies. We even went on a hunt – Viking style! After lunch, we learnt ways to kill people. Although it would be more Viking to have a real fight, the weapons got tested out on a battle cabbage. We had a great time on our trip; we would love to go again.    Kara Year 6


Spring 1 2022

This half term our topic has been Geography based – Fairtrade. We have looked at trade in general and how Fairtrade has helped people across the world live better lives. Our images show a farm investigation we did about how some farmers are treated unfairly in some countries. We also wrote a persuasive argument to try to convince others to buy Fairtrade items. t...


Autumn 2 2022

This half term we were studying World War 2. We discussed the main causes and the events that lead up to it . Our main focus was the effect it had on children. We looked at the plight of the evacuees and researched true stories about some of them. We read the book Goodnight Mr Tom and this helped us have an insight into what happened when children were evacuated. We used cutting tools and printing techniques to produce Art Work.  One lovely afternoon was when we went with Year Five to the woods for a well being activity.