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Reading is a part of everything we do at St Pius X. During the local and national lockdown we ensured that reading was still at the heart of everything we did. We continued to provide exciting and creative opportunities for reading, building on reading for pleasure and promoting a love of reading. 


Whole school remote learning - Lockdown March 2020 

During the first national lockdown (March 2020) when schools were ordered to close (to most pupils) we continued to learn! We began by sending out work booklets and being on hand to support remotely. Within these weekly booklets there was daily guided reading sessions. We also began remote challenges such as 'Reading in a ridiculous place'. The children were encouraged to take a book to the ridiculous place and read their book there! The most ridiculous picture won. We included things such as: reading in a tree (safely), reading on a mode of transport, reading in the sunshine and reading in the bathtub. 

Whole school remote learning - Lockdown January 2021

Our remote reading curriculum went from strength to strength following the first national lockdown. When school closed its doors for a second time in January 2021 (to most pupils) we opted to offer live lessons! We continued teaching guided reading as normal, just via Zoom. Some of our classes even enjoyed remote story time where children took the opportunity to get comfortable at home and enjoy a book just like in class. We used Showbie to ensure our VIPERS comprehension lesson could also continue as normal once a week. See below for an example of how guided reading was carried out via Zoom with the support of Showbie.

Class bubble closures

When school was allowed to open its doors to all children we were very excited to have everyone back! Some bubbles however have had to close due to positive Covid-19 tests. When a class bubble closes learning continues as normal! Guided reading still takes place daily with the support of Showbie (see above). As well as guided reading taking place as normal and VIPERS lessons continuing reading interventions also continued and in most classes teaching assistants heard one to one readers via Zoom! We took every opportunity to read in our stride and have worked hard to adapt our curriculum to make the most of every reading opportunity. 

Remote reading challenges

During all of the local and national lockdowns we have worked hard to promote a love of reading. We have ensured every child has access to learning and that reading is a priority. During the lockdowns we have encouraged children to read by setting a number of challenges. These challenges included:

Reading in a ridiculous place,

No app to replace your lap,

Sponsored read, 

World Book Day, 

Reading to another person,

Reading by torch light and bedtime stories.