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Year 3

Autumn 2021

Throughout the autumn term, year 3 have been exploring how living things obtain food and why they need the right types of nutrients. We also sorted and grouped different animal skeletons and how they compared. We identified the main functions of a skeleton and explored how the human skeleton supports movement. We also investigated the following scientific question, 'can people with longer femurs jump further?' We measured our femurs and then performed a standing long jump. We found out that people with the longest femur couldn't jump the furthest!

Summer 2021

During the summer term, we studied 'Light' and 'Plants'.

In the first part of the summer term, we recognised that we need light in order to see things, and that dark is the absence of light. We investigated which materials reflected light the most in order to design a new bag, and we were able to recognise how shadows are formed.

During the second part of the summer term, we began our topic on plants by going on a 'Flowering Plant Hunt'. We picked some of the wild flowering plants from around the school grounds, identified them using our iPads and then sketched them into our books. We labelled each part of the flowering plant and described it's specific role.  We planted some beans to explore what plants need in order to grow well. We dissected some flowers, organised the different parts and explained their role in pollination and fertilisation.

Spring 2021

 During the spring term we were in our second lockdown, most children were at home isolating but this didn't stop our science learning of forces and magnets! We were able to demonstrate push and pull forces using different objects at home. We were able to describe magnets having two poles and how they attract and repel particular materials, and we even created our own games which included designing a maze and using a magnet to move our character around the maze successfully.

Autumn 2020

During the Autumn term, year three identified that animals, including humans, need the right types and amounts of nutrition everyday. We drew and labelled our favourite plate of food and then changed some of the items to improve the nutritional value. We explored the different nutrients in food and recognised that animals cannot make their own food.

We also identified that humans, and some animals, have skeletons and muscles to help them move and provide protection and support. We created and labelled the human skeleton using different types of pasta!