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Year 6

Spring 2024

During the spring term, Year 6 have been revisiting 'Electricity'. They have been learning how to draw circuit diagrams using symbols, and how to build circuits from diagrams.

Autumn 2023

In the autumn term, Year 6 studied 'Animals, including humans'. This involved exploring the circulatory system. They investigated how the size of blood vessels affects the rate of blood flow, and learnt about osmosis and diffusion. They also planned and carried out their own investiagtion into the effects of exercise on their heart rate.

Summer 2023

During this busy term, Year 6 explored 'Living Things and Their Habitats' and 'Evolution and Inheritance'. 

We learnt about, and used the classification system developed by Carl Linnaeus. We looked at how animals and plants are classified by looking at their similarities and differences. We put this system into practice when we classified different sweets!

We also investigated how offspring vary and are not identical to their parents. We found out that offspring inherit different charateristics from their parents making them unique. We also explored how animals and plants have adapted to their environments in order to survive and develop. 

Spring 2023

This term, we have been exploring light.

We explored how light travels in straight lines by using a torch and a tube. We found out which materials are reflective and non reflective, and explained how reflective clothing is beneficial. We constructed periscopes to explore the uses of light and reflection, and we learnt that we can see things because light travels from a light source to objects and then to our eyes.

We aslo attended the Furness STEM Show at Furness College, where we experienced how science, technology, engineering and maths are applied to local industry and careers.

Autumn 2022

During the autumn term, year 6 explored the circulatory system. We identifed and described the function of the heart within the system, and investigated the different types of blood vessels using paper cups! We explored how diet, exercise and lifestyle have an impact on our bodies and affect how well our heart and lungs work. We set up an investigation which measured the impact of different intensities of exercise on our heart rate.

Summer 2022

Within the final term of year 6, we studied 'Animals, including humans'. This included investigating the circulatory system, identifying the main parts and describing the function of the heart, blood vessels and blood. We also recognised the impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle on the way body's function.

Spring 2022

In the spring term, year 6 explored 'Living things and their habitats'. We used our observational skills to classify plants and animals, and we researched the life and works of Carl Linnaeus - the pioneer of classification.

Autumn 2021

During the autumn term, Year 6 investigated 'Electricity'. They explored how electricity is generated; identified and drew scietific circuit symbols; investigated the effects of voltage and the variations in how electrical components function.

Spring 2021

During the spring term we were in lockdown again! But this didn't stop our learning in science - Evolution and Inheritance. We were able to recap our knowledge and understanding of how fossils are formed and how they provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. We recognised that living things produce offspring of the same kind and how they vary and are not identical to their parents. We also explored how animals and plants adapt to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation can lead to evolution.

Autumn 2 2020

In autumn term 2, they learnt about light. They explored how light travels, how mirrors reflect light and how they can help us see objects. They were able to create and use periscopes and measure the angles of incidence and reflection. We experimented with refraction at home while isolating, and studied Isaac Newton and his discovery of colours using a prism.

Autumn 1 2020

During the autumn term 1, Year 6 learnt about Electricity. They were able to identify, draw and label scientific circuit symbols; create simple circuits using specific equipment and plan an investigation.  They also researched Thomas Edison and created a talking animation, within computing, about his life.