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Year 4

Autumn 2021

During the autumn term, year 4 explored 'Electricity'. We discovered the different ways electricity is generated and we were able to identify electrical appliances and the types of electricty they use. We also played an online game from to learn about electrical safety in your home.

We constructed simple complete and incomplete circuits using different electrical components. We sorted materials into electrical conductors and insulators. We also investigated how a switch works and why they are needed. What a bunch of 'Bright Sparks!'

Summer 2021

During the summer term, we explored 'States of Matter'. We were able to identify and sort solids, liquids and gases. We investigated how some materials change state when they are heated and cooled, and we were able to measure the temperature in degrees Celsius. We learnt about the water cycle and the role condensation and evaporation played within it.

Spring 2021

During the spring term we were in lockdown, again! Most children were isolating at home but this didn't stop our super science learning! We were able to describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system, and we were able to identify the different teeth humans and animals have and their simple functions.

Autumn 2 2020

In Autumn 2, we identified how sound is made and how sound travels by creating our own telephones! We conducted a sound survey around the school and recorded our results using our iPads. We also found patterns between the pitch and volume of sound and its effect on the vibrations and sound waves. 

Autumn 1 2020

During Autumn 1, we explored electricity. We identified common appliances that run on electricity and compiled a presentation in computing. We constructed simple electrical circuits and included a switch. We also recognised some common conductors and insulators of electricity, and we loved talking about static electricity!