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Year 1

Autumn 2023

This half term we have been exploring different types of materials. We identified different materials around our class and discussed their properities. We also tested which materials were waterproof and identified which materials would be suitable for a home for the Three Little Pigs!

Summer 2023

In the summer term, we studied seeds and plants. We looked at various seeds and realised they grow into non-flowering and flowering plants. We planted our own seeds and looked after them by putting them in the sunlight and watering them. We also went for a walk around the school grounds and identified decidious and evergreen trees.

Spring 2023

This term, we have been exploring animals, including humans. We have been able to identify fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, and we understand what carnivores, herbivores and omnivores eat. We were able to identify, describe and compare Mrs Crellin's pet tortoise and budgies.

We drew around one of our class member's body, and labelled it. We also explored our senses by listening to different sounds and identifying different types of materials using our skin.

Autumn 2022

In the autumn term, we have been investigating 'Everyday Materials'. We identified different objects within our classroom and were able to name the material, or materials they are made from. We were also able to descibe the properities of the materials e.g. shiny, stretchy, rough etc.

We also really enjoyed our STEM Day, exploring LEGO with Fran from C-STEM!

Summer 2022

In science, we have been studying 'All About Me' and plants.

All About Me - we were able to identify, name, draw and label the basic parts of human body and we can say which part of the body is associated with each sense. We also explored the question 'do people with the longest legs jump the furthest?' And we found out that they don't!

Plants - On our walk around the school grounds, we were able to identify and name some common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees. We also identified, drew and labelled the basic structure of a flowering plant and planted some cress!

Spring 2022

During the spring term in year 1, we identified and explored various everyday materials including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock. We also compared and grouped them together based on their physical properities.

We also observed changes across the four seasons, including weather and how day length varies.

Autumn 2021

Throughout the autumn term, year 1 identified and named some common animals. We were able to describe and compare the features of common animals and sort animals that are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We also played 'Animal Bingo' on our iPads.

We labelled different parts of a human body and investigated the five senses.

Spring 1 2021

During this half term we have all worked very hard from home, remote learning and have adapted very well to learning on Zoom! We began by looking at different objects and discussed what material they are made from and what they may be used for. We explored 6 materials - wood, plastic, glass, metal, fabric and rock. We undertook lots of experiments whilst remote learning, from testing which materials are waterproof, absorbent, opaque or transparent to creating our friend Ted an umbrella and explaining why that material is best suited.

Autumn 2 2020

This half term we have spent lots of time going outside to explore the Signs of Autumn. Each week we filled in our own weather report, understanding the different weather symbols, temperature and how it feels, moving from Autumn into Winter. To help us with our weather report, we each made a Weather Vane to work out which direction the wind was blowing. As we approached the Winter season, we used our Computing skills to research information on how animals adapted to the Winter weather and wrote our own fact file on our chosen animal!

Autumn 1 2020

During our first Science topic this year, we have been looking at Seasonal Changes.  We went for a 'Signs of Autumn' hunt around the school grounds and collected many natural objects.  We identified and classified the objects, and then created some autumnal pictures with them!

Autumn 1 2019

We have now started a new topic in science, Seasonal Changes.  We went for a 'Signs of Autumn' hunt and collected many natural objects.  We identified and classified the objects, and then created some autumnal pictures with them.

As part of our topic, Animals including Humans, the children were invited to bring in their favourite toy animal.  We identified them and classified them under the headings mammal, fish, amphibian, reptile and bird.

Summer 2 - 2018/19

Last week, Year 1 went on a Tree Hunt.  They identified the different trees in our school grounds by collecting leaves from the ground and then matching the leaf to the tree on their activity sheet.