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Spring 2023

During Spring term we looked at the  non-fiction book - Let's Look At Spring. We began by looking at the vocabulary in the book and learning any words we did not know. We then explored our local environment looking at the changes that had occurred since the Winter. 
We had great fun exploring Robots. We discovered that our robot was not working and that it needed batteries to work again. We controlled the robot with a remote control and made it light up, move and talk. When it was doing these things we knew electricity was moving through the wires. 
We explored the beach and looked at different sized stones. We used vocabulary to describe the stones rough, smooth, bumpy etc.
Our favourite part of the term was learning all about the farm and what baby animals were called. 

Autumn 2022

During the autumn term, Nursery have been exploring the weather, the autumn season and our senses.