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Spring 2024

This term we have been looking at animals that live on the farm and their young. This is something we pre teach for when we visit the farm next term on our school trip. Our topic began with a surprise visit from a cockerel! After hearing a strange noise outside we were amazed to find this beautiful creature in our wildlife area. We studied it over a few days and made sure it had food and water until it was collected by its owner. We cannot wait for our farm visit to further our learning! 

Another topic we spent time learning about was all about us! We made a timeline of our lives and looked at how we have changed. We look very different now to how we did when we were first born and we can do lots of amazing things now that we couldn’t as a newborn. We also learnt that, a long long time ago, even our teachers were babies!

Other activities included looking at how robots work and programming our ‘Mouse Bots’ and learning all about Winter! 

Autumn 2023

We began the half term with a non-fiction book, 'My Body, Your Body, Senses.' We had a wonderful time exploring this book. We learnt all about our senses and even got our science lead to join in! Mrs Crellin took on the challenge of I'm a science lead! Get Me Out Of Here!! We set up 5 activities involving each sense. Mrs Crellin had to complete each challenge to win a Mr Potato Head figure for each group of children. The figures came with ears, nose, eyes, hands and mouths to help us remember all of the senses. It was lots of fun. 

Our next topic was space using the book, 'Super Space!' We looked at the book and learnt new vocabulary, before looking at the planets using a projector. It was great fun!

Summer 2023

We have been looking at new life. To help us with this we had two new born babies visit us with their parents . We asked questions and found out all about how you care and look after a baby. We also had a very special visit from a 12 week old English Bull Dog. The children had fun on the field playing and learning about how to care for him. This then took us to our local reservoir where we observed goslings and ducklings in their natural habitat. 
After learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly, we visited a butterfly house! Our school trip was to Lakeland Safari Oasis, we had a great tour guide who showed us lots of different animals and gave us lots more information on caterpillars, cocoons and butterflies, reinforcing our prior knowledge. The correct use of vocabulary that was used during these discussions was commented on by safari staff!

Spring 2023

During Spring term we looked at the  non-fiction book - Let's Look At Spring. We began by looking at the vocabulary in the book and learning any words we did not know. We then explored our local environment looking at the changes that had occurred since the Winter. 
We had great fun exploring Robots. We discovered that our robot was not working and that it needed batteries to work again. We controlled the robot with a remote control and made it light up, move and talk. When it was doing these things we knew electricity was moving through the wires. 
We explored the beach and looked at different sized stones. We used vocabulary to describe the stones rough, smooth, bumpy etc.
Our favourite part of the term was learning all about the farm and what baby animals were called. 

Autumn 2022

During the autumn term, Nursery have been exploring the weather, the autumn season and our senses.